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Ryan Hannigan

11138633_978622032096_3785716117235417773_n-2Location: Colorado Springs

About: Ryan’s a graphic designer by day, beer enthusiast and homebrewer by night. He believes it’s not what’s on your glass, but what is inside it that truly matters. Drink good beer and surround yourself with good people who drink good beer and life will be merry.

Favorite beer: Alchemist Focal Banger


Josh Howard

JoshLocation: Colorado Springs

About: Josh has been a homebrewer for 14 years and is a BJCP certified beer judge. He primarily enjoys hoppy beers, sour beers, and anything aged in a bourbon barrel.

Favorite beer: Founders Backwoods Bastard



Katie Black

Location: Colorado Springs

About: Katie was born and raised in Canada and lived in Arizona for 10 years before settling in Colorado Springs. Her favorite thing about craft beer is the sense of community it creates, and her passion is bringing people together. If you ever see her out enjoying a beer, make sure you stop to say hello!

Favorite Beer: Spellbinder by Wren House Brewing

Dane Skousen

Location: Denver

About: Dane likes beer.

Favorite beer: Ska Brewing Modus Hoperandi




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