We hope you’ll join in on the fun.

Every day on social media, we see people (Read: Scott Davidson) who have received a “porch bomb,” a package with beers from another part of the country. Based on this, we realize that craft beer drinkers are always interested getting access to beers from other areas.

Porch Bomb Club memberships cost $30 for 3 months or $50 for 6 months.


On the 1st of every month, you'll receive a matchup via email. We will try to minimize matchups from the same city if possible. Within fifteen days weeks of receiving your assignment, you'll be expected to ship a box of 4 to 6 canned local craft beers, 2 x 32oz crowlers or 2 x 750ml bottles, and you should expect to receive something in return.

The idea is not to send your new friend beers that they could find in any King Soopers or 7-Eleven, but instead send them some awesome beer from your favorite local source. If you’re sending IPAs, please make sure they’ve not older than a few weeks, because that shizz is gross.

Signup starts August 15, and the first Assignments go out September 1.

Why charge at all?

We’re modeling this club after the Beer Trading Club created by Hop Culture, so we’re not reinventing the wheel or anything.

Porch Bomb Club - Season 1
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Porch Bomb Club - Season 1
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The beauty of a paid club is that the host will have funds to create boxes for anyone who doesn’t get one — if you don't get a package, Focus on the Beer will send you one, and the person who dropped the ball will not get another chance. Don’t be a bad beer trader—there are no refunds!

Also, for those joining the community, you'll receive a limited-edition Focus on the Beer merch box including a special-edition glass designed by Colorado Springs artist Phill Moore. Boxes will be sent out at a later unconfirmed date.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Colorado Springs Food Rescue, who works diligently in the Colorado Springs community to redistribute food that would ultimately go to waste.

We only have 100 spots open for our first offering, limited to residents of the contiguous USA, so get on it.

The goal of this project is to expand the network of active beer traders, by connecting a community of like-minded individuals.

All members will receive a 20% Off coupon for FOTB Merch as well.

Refunds, Do-overs, and Mulligans

There are no refunds. There are no do-overs—no mulligans. We’re all adults here.

The Golden Beer Rule

Send what you want to receive. Send a box, get a box. Plain and simple.

Shipping Your Beer

It’s technically illegal to ship beer, so we won’t tell you it’s not. Though, hypothetically if you were sending beer to a friend, we would use UPS or FedEx. If you ship with USPS, and they suspect your package, they’ll open it and you’ll be out a pretty penny. Make sure it doesn’t slosh, clink or make any noises that could be considered beer.