Big Brew Day 2015


The first Saturday in May is National Homebrew Day, and the American Homebrewer's Association celebrates that day with the annual Big Brew event.Our local homebrewers club, The Brew Brothers of Pikes Peak, gathered at Pikes Peak Brewing Company in Monument, CO and at Rocky Mountain Brewing in Colorado Springs, CO to homebrew together, as well as spread their knowledge and love of homebrewing to any curious attendees.  The event drew over 20 homebrewers to Pikes Peak Brewing and more than 10 to Rocky Mountain Brewing as well as countless friends, onlookers and beer lovers.The event includes a synchronized nationwide toast occurring at 11AM Mountain.063For the Pikes Peak event, which we attended, the Brew Brothers club members all started with the same basic beer wort recipe and then took it from there with their own variations on the base beer...they boiled with extra grains to change the color and flavor, some added honey to the boil, and many different varieties and quantities of hops were added to the different brews.058 075 057 At a future meeting the Brew Brothers will judge all the different variations and select a favorite (for bragging rights at the very least).A big thanks to Pikes Peak Brewing and Rocky Mountain Brewing for hosting the events this year!  A great time was had by all, and we can certainly be counted among those who had a great time!