National Homebrew Day / Big Brew 2012!

Lefty making beer at last year's Big Brew Day

National Homebrew Day is coming up on May 7th, and the Homebrewers Association calls for a Big Brew Day to celebrate on May 5th. Our local homebrew club always has a special brew day for the occasion where basically they cram as many homebrewers into one spot, complete with brewing equipment and ingredients and everyone makes beer at the same time. It's an awesome way to celebrate homebrewing and craft beer. Folks bring food and beer along and it turns out to be a really lovely day. This year both Pikes Peak Brewing and Rocky Mountain Brewing will host, so depending on your location you can choose which one to go to. Even if you don't homebrew, you can head up to the event and learn a lot and have a few homebrews. If you do brew, you should show up! We went last year and snapped a few photos but weren't able to bring our equipment with us. It was a great time.

Big Brew Day
Brewers will probably be set up in both locations by 10am.
Pikes Peak Brewing: 1756 Lake Woodmoor Dr., Monument 
Rocky Mountain Brewery: 625 Paonia St., Colorado Springs

A fun set up by another homebrewer last year.

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