Get Your Homebrew on at Rocky Mountain Brewing

It's been a while since we heard from Rocky Mountain Brewery but we haven't forgotten about them! After all, we're planning Beers Made By Walking with them and one of FotB's favorite people is Grant Goodwiler, one of the RMB brewers.

Anyway, Rocky Mountain Brewing will help Colorado Springs celebrate National Homebrew Day (May 7th) in one of the most fantastic ways imaginable...a giant slew of homebrewers all brewing together! FotB will be heading to the eastern part of town and we'll set up at least one homebrewing station along with many other homebrewers. Anyone and everyone who homebrews, no matter what level you're at, is welcome to participate in this event. Bring your equipment and your ingredients, Rocky Mountain will provide your cold and hot water. It's going to be one big huge potluck of homebrewing, everyone brewing all at the same time. Bring some of your beers too because at 10am there's going to be a nationwide toast to homebrewing! If you don't brew, come along anyway, there will be plenty of stuff to drink and people to talk to/watch.

Big Brew Event
Sat. May 7th, starting at 9:30am
Rocky Mountain Brewing is located at 625 Paonia St. Colorado Springs, CO.
Big Brew FB event page

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