Fountain Gets Its First Brewery

This weekend was a big weekend for breweries in Fountain, CO. In case you’re not in the know, Peaks N Pines is the only brewery there and they hosted their grand opening this past Saturday.

— Overheard at Peaks N Pines

The Fountain location will serve as the main brewing facility for Peaks N Pines, and the original brewhouse in Colorado Springs will be utilized for more consumption space. This marks the first local brewery in recent memory to effectively move all production to their second brewery location. With the exception of FH Beerworks expanding massively out East and transitioning their brewing over time, the growing trend has been to open secondary locations as taprooms instead of as breweries. JAKs and Dueces Wild both have second locations that are taprooms only. Yet, PNP decided to do things in their own, different way.


The Fountain-faithful showed up, many of them waiting 30+ minutes on the front porch for opening. Even local celebrity chef Mark Henry (Rooster’s House of Ramen, Happy Belly Tacos) was there waiting amongst the crowd. The new space is industrial in feel, yet simple touches help make it feel comfortable and cozy in its own sense. Comfy arm chairs circle an indoor fireplace and bench seats give drinkers a chance to stretch out with their brew. A somewhat separate room past the bathrooms gives PNP space for parties and gatherings without affecting the regular crowd.

As for the beer, only about a third of the beers on the wall were brewed at the new facility, and those were some of the stronger efforts, though a crowd favorite easily was a hold-over from the Tutt location brew system—their Bourbon Barrel Red.

If you’re willing to make the drive down South, the new Peaks N Pines facility is a great brewery stop, but it’s definitely too far for any sensible beer crawls. Grab the kids, grab the dog and head down for a few hours to get out of the bustle. It’s worth the trip.