Onwards and Upwards: Dueces Wild Takes Over at 1876

1876 Ale Works may have been a flash-in-the-pan brewery, but their space will live on in the hands of another brewery.

The former 1876 Ale Works location will serve as the DWB Brewery taproom starting in October.

The former 1876 Ale Works location will serve as the DWB Brewery taproom starting in October.

Dueces Wild Brewery has taken over the lease and will create the DWB Brewery taproom in the shell of 1876. Talking with owner Rich Hysing, Dueces knew the location had great drive-by traffic as well as visibility so it was a slam dunk decision.

While 1876 didn’t have a brew system large enough to take care of the large amounts of patrons, Dueces has already brought in 4 more vessels to their Peterson Road location to help alleviate the strain of brewing for two taprooms.

As for the inspiration for bringing Dueces Wild into the heart of the city, Hysing says they are hoping to highlight the Dueces Wild beer that people may not know about.

All beer will still be brewed at Dueces Wild’s original location, with maestro Jeff Lockhart at the helm as usual, but look for more than the usual two or three styles that make it out to one of their 26 tap accounts. The whole gamut will be on display at the DWB Brewery taproom.

As you know, we pride ourselves on making damn good beer and if I had anything to say about the new location, it’s that we’ve got a hell of a good product out there—we want to share it with everyone.
— Rich Hysing, Dueces Wild Brewery

As for the space itself, Dueces isn’t planning many changes (the aesthetic is very similar to their current location), except for retrofitting the existing brewing space to be a conference or game room. Those details aren’t yet set in stone and could change over the next few months. They’re planning on keeping the same mentality to create a friendly atmosphere with exceptional beer.

DWB Brewery taproom is eyeing an October 1st opening, but don’t hold them to that as licensing can always prove to be the biggest hurdle. We couldn’t be more excited to have them close by.