Dig It: Resolute Brewing Tangential


If you’ve listened to our latest Podcast with Sam Sly from Resolute Brewing, you already know about this beer. Regardless, read on.

Brut IPAs have quickly become a point of contention among brewers and consumers alike. Personally, I find that many breweries have a hard time tip-toeing the line between bone-dry hoppiness and palate-crushing astringency. A few have done well, but many falter. Maybe some brewers should just add some lactose (Please don’t). Anyways, Sam pulled out this new beer from Resolute Brewing and among the descriptors on the can, it mentions being a “brut ale.” Not IPA, not Pale, but just “ale.” This piqued my interest immediately.

Blurring the lines between beer and a champagne-based cocktail, Tangential is a unique twist on a Mimosa that is in a category of its own. Unlike most Brut beers, this is not an IPA. Using the same concept of a dry, effervescent base, we decided to take this style into a whole new direction with the addition of Sauvignon Blanc grape juice and Tangerine puree. This might just make you rethink your favorite Sunday brunch beverage, whether you’re a beer drinker or not
— Justin Burnsed, Head Brewer

Tangential pours a straw-golden color with a bunch of quickly dissipating effervescence. Notes of tangerine peel and white wine fill its aroma, with hops and malt taking a backseat ride this time around. Flavor-wise, the Sauvignon Blanc grapes are front-and-center with the tangerine and dry mouthfeel rounding out the experience. If it weren’t stunningly clear, you could confuse this beer with a real mimosa. It’s dry, but not crazy dry as you may expect from a beer calling itself a “brut.”


It’s definitely a different tasting experience, and personally I like it. The Sauvignon Blanc grapes really elevate the citrus of the tangerines, without over doing it or being too “wine-y.” If you’ve been put off by overly astringent Brut IPAs, consider trying out this Mimosa-Inspired Brut Ale.

Resolute Brewing’s Tangential will be available at BOTH of their locations this Friday! Go grab some cans and see if you dig this beer too!