Dig it: Red Leg Hazy IPA

With our second post in this series, we’ve brought things a lot closer to home with a brand new release from a local brewery.


If you haven’t noticed, Red Leg Brewing’s beer is going through somewhat of a Renaissance. The flagships still reign supreme, but more of the board is covered by specialty brews, and more surprisingly— specialty IPAs. On the brewing side, that’s primarily because they have Brendan Hall and Troy Johnson (yeah that Troy) heading up the brewing side of things.

To be perfectly honest, I haven’t been to Red Leg in what seems like forever, but I found myself perusing the new hoppy options, making the hard decision between the Pineapple Pale Ale and the Wild Weasel IPA. I went with the weasel and was mighty pleased, but they also have a killer Dunkel on tap too.

In past experiences, Red Leg’s hoppy offerings have tilted more towards the malty side of things, but that seems to be a way of the past with these new brews. It’s especially evident in today’s release, their New England style Hazy IPA.


Red Leg’s new Hazy IPA pours a pale straw color and is plenty hazy for those of you keeping track at home. Unlike many of its lactose-laden brethren, Red Leg’s Hazy IPA is brewed with the usual suspects of 2-row, Vienna, and a little more than 30% of flaked wheat & oats. It’s downright chewy, but that’s what we’ve come to expect with a good NEIPA. According to Brendan and Troy, the hops you’re most likely to pull out of the aroma and flavor are Azacca, as there’s a ton of them in there.

So, how is it? Damn, it’s good. I’d probably put it up there with some of the best hazy IPAs in town, and I hope that Red Leg continues down this path! Definitely put this one in your repertoire of hazy IPAs, as it’ll make any kind of beer drinker happy!

Look for Red Leg Brewing’s Hazy IPA everywhere you regularly buy beer, and if they don’t have it, request it. I think you’ll dig it too.