Odell Brewing Brings FoCo Classics and Pilot Brews to RiNo


Last Wednesday, Odell Brewing Company held a small meeting with local brewers, friends and media. We were fortunate to get an invite and fell in love with the newest taproom in RiNo. If you’re familiar with the Fort Collins brewery/taphouse, you’ll feel right at home here on Larimer Street in Denver. However, the Odell RiNo Brewhouse has a few tricks up its sleeve. 

"RiNo is an incredible community with entrepreneur-minded, natively-minded people."Alex Kayne

Walking just past Ratio Beerworks, Finn’s Manor, and Shake Shack, you’ll find Odell Brewing Company's open but welcoming taproom. There are enough tables, couches, and bar seating to enjoy a beer by yourself or even in a large group. The RiNo taproom has not one, but two patios covered in awesome artwork from Mona Caron along with fire pits and big couches to relax.Inside, there is an upstairs lounge with identical taps from the main level so you definitely won’t be hurting for beer. In an effort to pay homage to what came before, Odell outfitted the countertops with wood from the old floor, the exposed brick is from the original build and they even included the nails from the floorboards in the outside décor. We sat with Alex Kayne, the Director of Marketing, and asked him a few questions.

Why did Odell choose to come to RiNo?

 “This place checked a lot of boxes: Number One, Denver is full of educated beer consumers, and Two, RiNo is an incredible community with entrepreneur-minded, natively-minded people.”

What are your hopes what the taproom will become?

“We want to integrate ourselves into this community. This is all new for us. It was a really big decision, and first and foremost began with brewing beers on site. We want to use the Denver taproom as R & D [For Odell Brewing]. We unchained our brewers and brewed beers we were excited about.”

What makes RiNo different from the original in Fort Collins? Why not head there instead of RiNo?

“We recognize the distance. Especially as Denver grows, and we wanted to give people south of Fort Collins that feel without having to battle I-25. We wanted to bring that Fort Collins experience to Denver. Also, you can’t get the beers we make here in Fort Collins, and vice versa.” 

On Tap

They have 8 RiNo-only beers, and 8 Odell Classics. With a 10bbl brewhouse, the RiNo Brewhouse will be pumping out some serious test batches, and I’ll leave you with this: we were back 3 times in 4 days to re-try the beers we had on the media night. Get down here and check it out. (We recommend getting a 50/50 blend of the Guava Gose, and the Margarita Crossover Ale.) They also have a crowler machine, so you can take some home with you as well. Whatever you choose, head down to Odell at 2945 Larimer Street in Denver. Oh and ask about the Hop Wok…trust us.2945 Larimer St.Denver, CO 80205(720)-795-7862