Drink Local: Rumors, releases, revamped beers and more


This is easily my hardest piece to put together consistently, but here I am trying to make a go of it again. As we head into festival season, it should be easier to keep putting out some quality event posts going forward.You may have noticed our event calendar is empty...well thanks to Russia, Facebook has shut down all the APIs that we were using to aggregate events from social media. There's no word if that page will become anything close to what it was, but it gives a bit more relevance to this post, so I'm ok with it.So without further adieu, we'll dive into what's happening this week in our beer scene.Let's start with what's not happening. We had chased down a rumor that Trinity Brewing was buying the old Race Car Museum off of Highway 24 right near Manitou, but sources tell us the seller wanted way too much money for the property considering the high rate of repairs that had to be put in place to make it usable. It's a bummer, because it could be an incredibly visible location for any brewery.Smiling Toad celebrated their 5th anniversary last weekend, but they basically don't sleep over there, so head over there tonight for their test tap offering, a Lime Blonde Ale. The fan-favorite Fulcrum is back on tap as well, but don't overlook the Orange Creamsicle IPA—it's one of our favorites.Fieldhouse Brewing just made the official switch to FH Beerworks on social media, so from here on out it's FH. This Wednesday, check out Sticky Paws 2.0, a reformulated version of the classic. Also, put their June 6 rebranding launch event on your calendars as they have some epic news to announce. Yes, we know, and no we won't tell. You'll have to be there to learn it first.This weekend is Meadowgrass, and for the first time you'll have an assortment of beers to drink on Friday night. Thanks to the crew at the All Colorado Beer Festival, the Meadowgrass organizers are including a beer fest on Friday night. There should still be a few tickets available for just the Friday night beer thing.Tomorrow night, Brass Brewing is hosting their weekly Yoga with the Brewer. Consider this a non-traditional yoga session, but if you're one of those stretchy people, maybe check it out! $15 gets you a pint and an hour of yoga.Thursday is the Colorado Springs Bike Month kickoff party at Tap Traders! Get out your old rust bucket and head there for great beers! And, like every year, the Feast of Saint Arnold is happening on June 9 at Chapel of our Saviour church in the Broadmoor area. Head here for tickets!Get out there and enjoy beer!