Buy this Beer: Pikes Peak Brewing Incline IPA


I'm going to apologize in advance for this one. You can't go out and grab this beer just yet, but it will be released at the brewery on May 9 and in liquor stores shortly thereafter.Pikes Peak Brewing is releasing their yearly Incline DIPA in just a few short days! Clocking in at 185 calculated IBUs and 10.5%ABV, this beer can really surprise you if you're not ready for it. It's one of our favorite releases from Pikes Peak and for good reason. Chris and his crew pack a ton of Mosaic hops in this double IPA and you can sure taste it.In a day and age where hazy, lowered bitterness beers are all the rage, Incline IPA harkens back to a time where West Coast IPAs reigned supreme, and I think I like the throwback. The massive malt bill really complements the heavy-handed hopping approach that we see each year in Incline.Look for this beer in six-packs and the occasional draught around town in the coming weeks! Cheers!