All right stop! Collaborate and Listen!


The fest is back with a brand new inception...All Vanilla Ice lyrics aside, Collaboration Fest this year was exactly as I hoped it would be. It was the best version of the fest so far, and for good reason. Interesting and palate-extending beers paired excellently with great people and a stellar location. It seems that in years' past, they've had two of the three nailed, but location always posed an issue.This year at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Denver, I feel like the Fest really nailed every aspect. Compared to last year in the National Western Complex, where the lighting wasn't all that great and the ceilings felt a bit lower, the Hyatt provided ample space for festival goers to roam and try all the offerings.My two favorites from the fest were totally on opposite ends of the spectrum...

Pimms Yo! - Liquid Mechanics and Wiley Roots

This beer was my top from the entire event. Blending three beers (a Wiley Roots Gose, Liquid Mechanics IPA and LM Kolsch) and then infusing it with a bunch of great flavors really did the trick. This beer had 18 pounds per barrel of cucumbers, 8 pounds per barrel of strawberries along with ginger, mint, lemon, lime and juniper. It was a cocktail in a glass and I kept going back for more.

Mexican Lager - Fossil Craft Beer, Cerberus Brewing and Goat Patch

This beer was everything you want in a Mexican lager, crisp yet flavorful, but also light enough to be able to down a gallon or two while soaking up the rays at your favorite beach.Here's our photos from the event: See you next year!