New Brewery Roundup: Metric inches towards opening


I had a chance recently to stop in at Metric Brewing and see how far along the "Iron Bird II" project has gotten. To our delight, Metric is really close. They've come a long way from our last visit, where only framing and some tiling had been started."We're still two weeks out from brewing...give or take," says Chase Perry, who if you remember, we had on the show to talk about their GoFundMe campaign.Metric Brewing is still eyeing a March opening, but no one is giving an exact date yet. The bar is in place—still with an unfinished bar top—and seating is starting to materialize around what was originally open space. They've included a nice "aquarium-style" window behind the bar to peek in on the brewers. Perry tells me that they'll even set up a "brewers lounge" of sorts, complete with couches and gaming systems. Keep an eye out on Twitch for their brewing and gaming sessions! Much like Iron Bird, Metric is fashioning much of the interior by hand. I-beams are the theme here, where nuts and bolts are the theme downtown.As for beer, Perry and Centanne are brewing on a 3BBL Stout system with 4 4-BBL fermenters. They're planning to utilize 12 serving tanks to keep the suds flowing, and kegs to help with any overflow. Once they're able to start brewing in the coming weeks, the guys at Metric are hoping their smaller, more agile system will allow them to do a lot of collaborations with local brewers and local beer industry people.If you've been scouring social media for any mention of their opening and haven't seen anything, it's not just you—they're actively waiting until they absolutely need to be posting. Word is that their bar manager will also be handling social media duties, but he's not on the payroll just yet, so hold your horses. (That means you, Colorado Beer Geek.)Keep your dials tuned to Focus on the Beer for all the latest scoops on local brewery startups...Next week we'll have an update from Lost Friend Brewing!