Embarking on our First Explore the Springs Brewery Tour


In the spirit of what we do here at Focus on the Beer, we're launching a new mini-series of posts for March. We're going to visit every local brewery in March and write about our experience.

Why do this?

If you've voted in any of the local media "best of" type contests run locally, you may have noticed a lack of variety for the brewery options. While some of the blame lands on the editorial picks from each respective establishment, much falls on consumers and their knowledge of what's available. The Gazette, for example, allows for nominations before they do a final vote, yet the same 3-5 breweries show up every year. Familiarity is king when it comes to voting contests, and we're hoping to help bring every brewery to the forefront of everyone's mind.

The Plan

While we'd love to do this all in one day (soon..), we're trying to give each brewery equal time. We're splitting up the town using I-25 and Fillmore to roughly define the regions. We're even traveling as far as Monument, Peyton and Divide in our quest to drink all the beer. We'll include every single brewery in each region, along with our thoughts, opinions and must-try options. Check our site each Monday, where we'll be posting a COS Beer Tour post, complete with a corresponding podcast.Think of it as a guide to beer to the Springs. By the end of the month, we will freshly visit every brewery in Colorado Springs, from the newly opened Brass Brewing or Lost Friend to old favorites such as Trinity or Phantom Canyon.

Join in

Want to join us? Keep an eye out for informal events on our Facebook page, as we'll be doing some serious brewery hopping. We'll include a few consumers thoughts in each post as well.Our hope by the end of March is that every beer consumer in this town will know what brewery options are out there and how they can get the most out of their beer experience. It will also be nice to share every brewery and beer in town with you. It's the very reason why we did our voting contest back in the day, and *SPOILER ALERT* why we're resurrecting the Best of Beer this year. More on that soon, I promise. Cheers!