El Grande Tormenta: Local brewery changing hands


We often look at the recent brewery changes or registrations on the Secretary of State website, and one popped up that hit pretty close to home.In all the mess of filings for things like Living Heritage Farmhouse Brewing and Black Shepherd Brewing, there lay some really cool news.Are you ready for it? It appears that Great Storm Brewing has changed hands, thanks to a local brewing celebrity of sorts.Just tonight, Great Storm changed their registered agent at 7:15pm to none other than the Beerland-winning Jess Fierro! There's not much else to go on from the filing, but rest assured we are looking into this and will update with anything we find. Will she be able to get the rights to Doña Neta? Only time will tell. In August 2016 Great Storm finished a massive expansion into neighboring units, so this is a great opportunity for Jess and her creativity to thrive!While the usual brewery acquisition news brings doom and gloom, we're ecstatic that a local brewery is staying local.Cheers Jess! Congrats!For those who like government forms, here's the filing: