Two festivals, one day, one block apart


As we get close to a month out from our coffee and beer festival, Café Craft, this upcoming weekend presents a question that many have been thinking about recently. Are there too many beer festivals nowadays? For example, take this weekend.This Saturday, two beer-related events will face off within a block from each other.In one corner, you've got New Belgium's retooled Tour de Fat taking up residence at the Pikes Peak Center, which is more concert and less bike and beer extravaganza, and in the other corner, you have the 2nd year of Steers and Beers (with Whiskey...) Festival happening at The Antler's. For a beer fan in Colorado Springs, it's a tough choice.Yes, Tour de Fat is totally different this year for most cities on the tour, but thankfully we have the crew at Upadowna helping make the Springs stop just as amazing as expected. They're making it all ages, and promoting bicycling with a ton of events throughout the day. Ride your bike all day and finish with a concert in the evening? Sounds like a good day to us. Head here for more info about all the festivities surrounding Tour de Fat. We're also giving away a few tickets, so if you want to go to Tour de Fat, shoot us an email at and let us know why we should give you tickets. The best answer wins. and Beers is in its second year, but based on the brewery list it appears to be a distributor-led event—the big beer brands seem to be more abundant than local craft. We see only 7-8 local guys in a huge list. Expect to see a ton of ABInBev and Molson Coors brands, with a sprinkling of craft. Although, if you're looking for bang for your buck, they have a good list of distilleries on board. So, do you go and see what's become of New Belgium's premier event, or do you go indoors and try a bunch of beers and whiskeys? I'm not sure anyone could do both, but it's possible.If you're looking to get out and about this weekend, check out one of these two events. Both are priced similarly, but offer two different experiences. Maybe we'll see you at one of them.