Brew Love: New Belgium Old Aggie Superior Lager


There was a time, long ago, where I followed my grandfather's footsteps and headed North to attend Colorado State University. To make a long story short, I got a little lost in such a big place and I didn't graduate, but the time I spent as a Ram left a mark.Fast forward to 2017, and New Belgium is now collaborating with Colorado State to produce Old Aggie Superior Lager in honor of CSU's agricultural roots, and it's damn good.

"Brewed with the finest malts and brightest hops, this beer floats subtly sweet honeycomb notes across the tongue, while a citrusy snap of Cascade and Chinook hops punctuates each delightful sip."

One could argue this is New Belgium's next salvo of beer to fight back against the macro-beer behemoths of Coors and AB InBev, but seeing as Old Aggie is only distributed in Colorado, it's more of a great lawnmower beer to enjoy while watching the Rams beat the Buffs this fall. Old Aggie is extremely drinkable, and at 4.7% ABV, the over-a-pint cans won't knock you on your butt. They claim Cascade and Chinook hops give it a citrusy bite, but all I get is a clean crisp lager that disappears much faster than I expected. I feel that many of New Belgium's beers have a similar Munich malt taste, and Old Aggie fits the bill, but it's less noticeable than in others from their lineup.This beer will be available all over the Front Range on August 15, so keep your eyes peeled. If you happen to be up in Fort Collins, it's already on shelves there, so consider grabbing some!Here's the raw stats:4.7% ABV | 18 IBUs | Hops: Cascade, Chinook, Liberty, Nugget | Malts: Pale, Munich