The Beer Run is Coming


We love Reel Big Fish, so we're super stoked to help present this incredible event.

On July 11, Reel Big Fish is bringing their The Beer Run tour to Colorado Springs, and unlike most concert experiences where you're stuck drinking Mango-ritas or some fizzy yellow water, they're bringing in some great craft beer. Since we focus mainly on what's in your cup, here's the breweries you can look forward to on July 11.

Ska Brewing

Bristol Brewing

Fossil Craft Beer

Eddyline Brewing

Fieldhouse Brewing

Ratio Brewing

We don't get much Ratio beer down south here, so it'll be fun to see what they bring down.Ok ok...I'll get to the music part. You can probably already guess that Reel Big Fish will be playing, but they're also bringing The Expendables, 18-year veterans of the reggae rock scene, The Queers, a pop punk band from NH who's been around since 1982, and Tunnel Vision, an up-and-coming surf/reggae/ska band from Southern CA.Completing the lineup is three Colorado bands, The Knock Blockers from Colorado Springs, Sorry Sweetheart from Denver and Might of Henry from Pueblo!With seven bands set to play, you can bet there's going to be enough great music to last the night. Plus they're planning some talking, drinking games, and some special tastings from the breweries! Keep your eyes peeled, as we're doing a ticket giveaway in a week or so...details will be posted here on our website as well as on social media.We hope to see you all out at the Black Sheep on the 11th! It'll be a different kind of beer event for sure!Get tickets here.