Ready to pour your own beer?


If you've ever been to First Draft Taproom and Kitchen up in Denver, you know the feeling of pouring your own pint of beer. This summer, you'll be able to do just that —without leaving the 719.Worried about pouring your own? Don't be. It's probably one of the more enjoyable ways to enjoy craft beer these days. It's liberating! Say, for example, you want to try the newest version of Paradox's Future Knowledge, but don't want to buy an entire bottle. You're in luck—Trails End has it on tap. Head into the taproom and pour yourself 1oz to try. Pretty darn easy. If you still need more, you can then pour a half pint, or a full pint...the choice is yours. All beers are charged by the ounce—not by the pint (no large or small denotations here).I had a chance to sit down with Kevin Weese, of Trails End, to talk about his project and learn more about Trails End Taproom.At its core, Trails End Taproom is a craft beer bar with 40 pour-your-own taps available. Beyond the beer, Trails End will be both the starting gun and the finishing tape for adventurers who head out from Colorado Springs' Westside into the mountains. Whether they're heading into Garden of the Gods for a hike or climb or shredding the gnar over in Red Rocks, Trails End wants to be part of their adventure. Kevin tells me that he's planning a large wrap-around deck complete with seating and bike racks, as well as a fireplace and the usual ambiance lighting outside. While I can see myself plopping down after a long week on their patio, inside is where the cool-factor is taking place.Thanks to design by Ryan Lloyd of Echo Architecture (who designed Cerberus, Manitou Brewing, Loyal Coffee and more), Trails End will be a one of a kind establishment. They're planning a literal forest motif in part of the space, complete with trees, branches and more. It's pretty interesting to see a bar layout without an actual bar and stools, mainly because there's no need for bartenders(Remember: pour your own!). The 40 taps will arc around the west side of the space, and Kevin tells us he's hoping to feature plenty of great options like a few wines and kombucha, but mainly focus on Colorado beer.For those who use it to kick off their adventure, there will be trail conditions posted, large scale topo maps and even a workstand. For those who chose to ride first, Trails End is planning plenty of space for groups, with a large community table and a standing bar. They're already looking at partnerships with local trail and cycling advocate groups to do events there, with projectors and semi-private areas also in the plan. Trails End Taproom is set to open in August on the Westside and I'm sure they're going to be a hit.Right now, they're just beginning their build out, but come August, I hope to see you there.  If you're looking for more information, keep in touch with Trails End through their website or Facebook.As they continue building, some things will definitely change (thanks Regional Building), but the fact that Colorado Springs will have a self-pouring craft beer bar will be awesome no matter what happens.