JAKs 2.0


Today is the day. JAKs Brewing will open their new location and gosh darn it's a grand spot. Gone are the days where guests are huddled shoulder to shoulder like prepubescent teens in the mosh pit. Gone are the days of having to wait to use their one restroom. JAKs has created a place where they can grow and mature as a brewery, and today you can go see it.Walking in, you're met with their "Stay Aggressive" wall with various awards and historical photos spotted around it (Tony from JAKs informs me they're going to fill it up as they go). That's really a theme for the whole place, as they've continued to pay attention to their history with the design of the new place.Tap-wise, they're sporting 22 beer taps and 2 soda taps. As of right now, they haven't brought the new brewhouse online, but once the TTB gives them the green light, they'll put their new fermenters and upgraded brewing space to the test. Word is they'll be also giving their brewers some room to experiment on a "Skunkworks" 1bbl test batch system. Look for those beers to be available to Mug Club Founders before the general public. One thing that seems a little disjointed on our first visit is the parking spaces for food trucks. If you remember the old space, the trucks would pull up right next to the patio area, making ordering a breeze. For now, they're relegated to the end of the parking lot, a long gauntlet-esque walk past multiple store fronts including a Papa Johns. I know they're just figuring things out with the space and their neighbors, but I hope to see a more inclusive set up in the future.An awesome new aspect of JAKs 2.0 is the airy quality of the building. With tall ceilings and huge glass windows all around, you can't help but notice the sheer space they now have. Sitting above their 24 taps is a rotating beer list, with ample information for all beer geeks and non-geeks alike. Even though they're not planning on being a sports bar, JAKs is keeping up with that crowd with a plethora of televisions showing sports, politics and more. IF the space were smaller, they'd probably be a distraction, but JAKs has made them blend in with the experience.Overall, JAKs has created a space that sets them up for success. So head on out today to their Grand Opening from Noon to 10pm. They'll have 3 food trucks (Rocky Mountain BBQ, Patty's Gourmet Hamburgers and All Things Pita) and tons of beer, so go help them celebrate their new spot. We may see you there.JAKs Brewing Company Grand Opening11860 Stapleton Dr Falcon CO 80831Noon-10PM