Introducing Focus on the Beer's Febrewary Drinking Competition


It's a fairly well known fact that many people take January off from their normal healthy drinking habits, but we don't recommend it. To help those of you who couldn't finish Dryanuary or didn't even try, we're announcing Febrewary!What is Febrewary you might ask? Well, quite simply put, it's the best excuse to try new beer. Drink a new beer every day!

How do you participate in Febrewary? It's simple:

1. Drink beer every day. This one is easy.2. Each day drink a different beer. Still easy, but harder as the month goes along.3. Take a photo of the beer you're drinking. Easy, you're already doing this.4. Post it to Facebook(in this event) or Instagram with the hashtag #febrewary5. Feel good about yourself. Maybe win prizes!Here's how you win prizes. One lucky Febrewary-er will win a Focus on the Beer t-shirt each week of the "competition" with each entry being a post on social media. We'll look up all the posts, make a big spreadsheet and then use a random number generator to assign a winner. Worried about someone getting more entries than you? Stop worrying—if you're truly drinking beer every day, everyone will have an equal chance to win.

Where do I post?

Post on instagram and tag us(@focusonthebeer) and #febrewary or post your image up in the Facebook event for each week. ( Febrewary!