Beer in Review: Crowlers, Bottles and Kegs Oh My!


Since we got busy with the holidays and hadn't put this out before the New Year, think of these places of a 'watch-list' for 2017—they're not in the top 3, but if they can keep it up, it'll be more difficult picking the top next year.This list honors the efforts that many brewers around Colorado Springs are undertaking in order to get their beer into customers bellies. How are they doing it? New taprooms have opened, new beers have been released and more importantly many brewers are packaging their beer!

9. Fieldhouse Brewing

Fieldhouse is about to launch their can line in stores, but has spent much of 2016 brewing good beer and dialing in their recipes. They're a hit amongst the celiac crowd and rightfully so. There's nothing like seeing how breweries evolve and change from the inside, and since we've had the absolute pleasure of collaborating on a boozy Russian Imperial Stout for their New Years New Beers celebration for the past three years we can see just that. Travis and Niki are doing things right.

8. (Tie) Storybook Brewing and Nano 108

We can't go many places where we don't hear about something that either of these breweries are doing. Nano 108 has gone through somewhat of a brewing renaissance as they've gone through a few shift brewers, but we haven't seen any drop off in quality, if there was any. Check out their awesome barrel-aging projects if you head out there, as they're still pretty committed to brewing different beers every time out of the gate. Storybook, as many of you know, continues to grow and put out incredible brews day in and day out. We wouldn't be surprised if they took over their entire building in the next few years.

7. The Brass Tap

Ever since Another Pint closed down, the North end of Colorado Springs has been missing a great taproom. Now, with the Brass Tap, they've got one. We'll have to see what happens when "Growler USA" moves in around the corner, but for now the 'Tap is bringing in some great craft beer from around the country. If you haven't been up there yet, take a DD and go check it out.

6. Bristol Brewing

Some of you reading this may not drink Bristol as much anymore. They are the old dog in our Springs beer scene, but they definitely have learned some new tricks. Thanks to some partnerships with local distilleries, as well as some creativity by their brewing team, Bristol has re-solidified themselves as the benchmark for Colorado Springs. We've really enjoyed new offerings like their Choco Porter, Barrel-aged Old No. 23, and their newest barrel-aged warlock. Keep an eye out for Bristol in 2017, we have a feeling they have quite a few more tricks up their sleeves.

5. Pikes Peak Brewing

When can Colorado Springs annex Monument? We feel like Chris Wright and his team at Pikes Peak are doing a wonderful job staking their claim on the Springs beer scene, and we certainly suggest more people make the quick drive North to see why. Soon, they'll complete their massive expansion (pictured above, courtesy Pikes Peak Brewing) and they'll be pumping out more beer than we can imagine. We whole-heartedly expect Pikes Peak to be in our top 3 next year after their expansion is finished.

4. Red Leg Brewing

We started this post talking about a packaging brewery, and we're ending with one as well. Red Leg has led the charge into the packaging phase for the younger breweries in this market. Keeping with their motto: Serving those who served, Red Leg is easily the most active brewery in local military fundraisers. With our 4 military bases in close proximity, it's great to see one of our breweries step up and be a force for good. Oh and can we mention they're making damn good beer too? Red Leg is consistently winning medals at the World Beer Cup— one for Devil Dog in 2014 and one for Blue Nose last year.We're on to our Top 3! Check back tomorrow (we promise) for our thoughts on the Top 3 beer places in our area in 2016.