2016 Beers Made By Walking Recap


If you've been reading this site for more than a few glances in the past few months, you'd know how Eric Steen, while running this blog, started an incredible program called Beers Made By Walking. It has grown into a monster, with multiple festivals every year, all sporting foraged and locally inspired brewing creations.This year's GABF BMBW festival was no exception.Can we just take a second to acknowledge how amazing of a space the Denver Museum of Science is for a beer festival? Eric's understudy, David Wright did such an incredible job with this year's festival.So what did we like? There was this Appalachian Farmhouse Saison from Fonta Flora, a menacing apple saison from Trinity, a tart cherry stout from Fieldhouse, some porter with mint and chocolate from Elevation and even a truffle beer from Scratch Brewing. There were so many amazingly cool beers there, it's hard to list them all. Personally, we did go back for seconds of the Odd13/Our Mutual Friend collab Dragon Chaser, which we heard had 4 lbs of peaches per gallon of beer...which is insane.Here's some photos from Tuesday's event:beers-made-by-walking-2016-7beers-made-by-walking-2016-6 beers-made-by-walking-2016-1 beers-made-by-walking-2016-2 beers-made-by-walking-2016-3 beers-made-by-walking-2016-4 beers-made-by-walking-2016-5 beers-made-by-walking-2016-8