Welcome to the new frontier for Focus on the Beer's Podcast


We've decided to make the switch our podcast to online only starting next week! A special thanks to KCMJ 93.9FM here in the Springs for hosting us for the past 7 months or so. We want to extend another huge thanks to Rocky Mountain Food Report's Bryce Crawford for starting this journey with us, even though he bowed out sooner than we did, and last but not least, thanks to The Burrowing Owl for underwriting the show! We're looking into ways to get them involved in the future.So where does that leave the show? In a great place actually! Let me present to you the On Air Bottle Share!Now that we're not on nonprofit radio, we can better serve the community by plugging events, talking candidly about beer, even trying more beer than we had been doing before. So, take a listen and get ready...the future's looking bright!https://soundcloud.com/focusonthebeer/on-air-bottleshare-episode-1The best aspect of our new in-house recording setup is the chance to have Aftershows! Now, we don't have to usher out our guests at the end of the period, allowing for more tasting, retasting, and general banter...Check it out!https://soundcloud.com/focusonthebeer/the-aftershow-part-1#t=0:55