Cerberus Brewing Opens Today


Just about an hour ago, Cerberus Brewing Company opened their doors to the public. Woohoo!We got a chance to check out Cerberus last week to see how they've converted the former animal hospital into a brewpub. If you only read one thing in this article, read this: Cerberus is raising the bar.The whole place is stunning. The beers are phenomenal, the menu exquisite, and the buildout barely looks anything like it did a few short months ago. Nice job Cerberus!cerberus-brewing-company-5As you pull into the parking lot, you're greeted by their brand new roofline, which transformed the look of what could have just been any old square building. With the bright red flashing and beetle-kill accents, your eyes are drawn towards the entrance, up a few steps or along a ramp. Right now, the beer garden is just a few picnic tables, but more landscaping is yet to come.Josh Adamski chatting with guests about the beers.Inside the two roll up garage doors is their bar and seating area, complete with 20 taps, ample tables and bench seating along one wall. They've included a nice big window looking into the brewhouse, which almost feels like gazing upon animals at the zoo...almost.Looking down into the brew house.Caged animals...oh wait, just looking at brewers.Yeah, we tried them all.Cerberus' bar.They've packed a surprising amount of gear into a small space at Cerberus.How many startup breweries would love to have mash rakes?Oooh, gadgetry.Looking at their beer menu, you can tell they like hoppy beers. Over half the list is something of the hops persuasion, from a hoppy wheat (incredible) to a pale ale (our favorite) to a double IPA. Among our whole group, we tried a little of everything and were pleased with every taste. Only one beer had a little diacetyl, but Josh Adamski, Cerberus' head brewer, actually prefaced our conversation that he knew about it, so as long as they don't completely run out of beer and have to shorten up their brewing timeline, Cerberus should be good. The beers all taste like mature versions of their styles—nothing homebrew here.If you listened to our podcast with Cerberus this past summer, you'll remember half of the show was about food. Cerberus Brewing is not letting food become an afterthought, with Chef Mark LeFebvre pushing out amazing plates all the time. We ordered a slew of dishes that all were just plain delectable, from the half chicken entree to a beer-mustard drenched gnocchi, to their BLT. It all matched the beer and each held their own.Beer-mustard Gnocchi. So tasty.Get the half chicken. It's amazing.Salted Caramel Bread Pudding with Salted Caramel Ice cream and Caramel drizzled on top. Oh and candied pecans too. Chef Mark LeFebvre in their downstairs kitchen.So, after work today, head into Cerberus Brewing. Plan to get dinner, sit on their patio, and enjoy Colorado Springs' newest brewery. We sure did.


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