Springs Beer Fest Photo Recap

This past Saturday, we joined a few thousand other beer lovers in America the Beautiful Park for the Springs Beer Fest. Despite the impending doom of storm clouds and the brief showers, we had a great time! While there were tons of breweries present, we would have loved to see Phantom Canyon and Storybook pouring at Springs Beer Fest as well. Despite that, there were a bunch of our local breweries and some fun non-local breweries!On a side note, early access is the way to go for beer festivals. Instead of waiting with the masses, if there's an option to get in early—take it. Usually the brewers are at their booths, the lines are non-existent, and you can find out what you like and don't like before the general admission ticket holders get in.So here's our photos. If you look closely, you may see yourself in some.Springs-Beer-Fest-2016-1 Springs-Beer-Fest-2016-3Springs-Beer-Fest-2016-4Springs-Beer-Fest-2016-5Springs-Beer-Fest-2016-6Springs-Beer-Fest-2016-7Springs-Beer-Fest-2016-9Springs-Beer-Fest-2016-10Springs-Beer-Fest-2016-11Springs-Beer-Fest-2016-12Springs-Beer-Fest-2016-13Springs-Beer-Fest-2016-14Springs-Beer-Fest-2016-15Springs-Beer-Fest-2016-16Springs-Beer-Fest-2016-17Springs-Beer-Fest-2016-18Springs-Beer-Fest-2016-19Springs-Beer-Fest-2016-20Springs-Beer-Fest-2016-21Springs-Beer-Fest-2016-22Springs-Beer-Fest-2016-23Springs-Beer-Fest-2016-24Springs-Beer-Fest-2016-25Springs-Beer-Fest-2016-26Springs-Beer-Fest-2016-28Springs-Beer-Fest-2016-29Springs-Beer-Fest-2016-2