One Day Only: Cerberus Brewing Unleashes Cool Stuff

Want to be an early-adopter of Cerberus Brewing gear? This is your chance.

Back near the beginning of Cerberus Brewing's inception, they mentioned doing a Kickstarter-esque crowd funding effort to help promote their opening. That day has come, or to be more specific, Monday is that day, but they'll open here in a few weeks no matter how the event does.Instead of doing an all or nothing Kickstarter, Cerberus is holding the fundraiser using Eventbrite. There's seven different levels/tickets you can purchase in support, and you'll be rewarded nicely for your contribution. Again, this event isn't to help open the doors, but instead to build up their community of Cerberus fans and give out some sweet merchandise too!Here's the levels that will go live at 6am on Monday. Get ready to mash the F5 or command-R the heck out of your browser.

$5,000 - A beer a day for life

This is a bit ridiculous, but who could actually pass up paying only $5k for a beer a day for the rest of your life...that's a deal.

$1000 - Private Brew Day

This is perfect for the budding brewery owner or hardcore home brewer. You choose the style of beer and help with the name, brew it with the Cerberus crew and then get a free Crowler® and discounts while your beer is on tap.

$500 - Private Four Course Beer Dinner

This is going to be the hot ticket for this event, you heard it here first. Cerberus has brought in a powerhouse team with Josh Adamski in the brewery and Mark LeFebvre in the kitchen. Expect some crazy dishes and some equally amazing beers. Your hardest decision will be picking seven friends to join you.

$250 Private Party in the Brewhouse

Ok, this might be another hot ticket...Private the brewhouse...with five friends. Cerberus will provide samplers and appetizers. This might sell out faster than the beer dinner.

$100 - Special Edition Red Cerberus Logo T Shirt and a Fifty Fifty 40oz Growler

Show your love for Cerberus and bring 40oz of Cerberus beer home(when they open of course).

$50 - Special Edition Red Cerberus Logo T Shirt and a Spiegelau IPA glass

We're probably going to get a few of these...we're unabashedly huge fans of Spiegelau's glassware.

$20 - Special Edition Red Cerberus Logo T Shirt

Entry level awards are usually the best. Expect a ton of people to be wearing Cerberus T Shirts at the opening...or at least we hope!Once this ONE DAY ONLY event concludes, Cerberus will be announcing a day and time for the release party.