Welcome to the (Little) Machine


If you’re visiting Denver (or want to catch a beer before a Broncos game), definitely check out Little Machine. They’re located basically on the backside of Mile High and offer some outstanding beers. Like many places that are doing it right, they've got all the cool stuff, like WiFi, lots of seating, tasters, growlers, sodas, kettle chips, even outside food is allowed as well. IMG_0852Walking into the brewery, you're met with a circular bar around 16 taps, so it won't be hard to find one to like. We didn’t try them all (we wished, but it's a good reason for another visit) but here are some of our quick-and-dirty favorites. IMG_0849Sir Veza – 5.3% collaboration with John Schneider/Black Fox Brewing. Great for warm days. No bitterness, abuela would approve. Start here, but bring a lime or two for testing. Racerback Summer Ale – 5.5% 18 IBU. Almost honey-like. A sweet beer, with little aftertaste. A good choice for people who “hate the taste of beer/aftertaste”. IMG_0842Colorado Stock Ale – 5.0%. All Colorado, All the time. High Wire hops, Colorado Malting Company malt, and local yeast (maybe from Gabriel Landeskog’s beard? Doubtful.) A good clean brew that you can be happy that your money goes back to Colorado. Circle of life. Sniff IPA – 6.1% 60 IBUs. English-style IPA. Interesting IPA for a non-IPA lover. Smooth, almost creamy honey backbone with a flowery aroma. IMG_0808Rosie Red IPA – 6.8% 70 IBU. Malty (Thanks Troubadour Malting!) Lots of Centennial, Simcoe, Cascade, Amarillo and Wakatu hops. Lots of bite. Amazing smell.  Probally one of the best noses on a beer I’ve ever smelled. Get this. Hyperdrive – 8.1% 90 IBUs. They say it has a “hint” of pine. I got pinecones like I was camping. IPA lovers will like this one. Baby Rodriguez English Brown Ale – 4.8% 20 IBUs. Walnut, toasty, some caramel. “Everything in moderation, including moderation.” Don’t be modest. Drink lots of this.IMG_0819Coffee Double Brown Ale – 8.0% 30 IBUs. Do you like caramel lattes? You want this beer. Lighter on the caramel, but heavy on the coffee. No 8.0% boozy feel. This could be trouble. Get more of this. Now. Right now. Had another taster. Going to order a full. Worth it. Okay, had another one. Too damn good. Tractor Beam Oatmeal Stout (Nitro) – 6.6% 24 IBUs. Creamy and chocolate. Like your first Guinness. Add some Nutella to that Guinness and you’ve got Tractor Beam. Perfect for an overcast day, or a day on the pitch. Diptych Scotch Ale –  9.0% 28 IBUs. Collab with sun King Brewing (Indianapolis, IN) Rich, caramelized malt, with some slight charred oak, smells like candy. Tastes better. Big beer that isn’t tough to drink. Like scotch? Drink this. Our go to right now has to be that Coffee Double Brown Ale – Have I mentioned how good this beer is? IMG_0825Overall, each beer was solid and the staff was uber-friendly. This little brewery soon will need a bigger place, because it’s only a matter of time before they're VERY popular. If you're driving through Denver or up there looking for something new, give this place a try, you'll thank me. Cheers!

 Little Machine Beer2924 W 20th Ave, Denver, CO 80211