Local Relic leaves Lincoln School, opens up new memberships


In an email sent out Thursday evening, the crew from Local Relic announced they will no longer be a part of the Lincoln School development. (Which is being called Lincoln Center...which just sounds weird.)

"Most of you probably know, or have heard, that we have been planning for quite some time to open a tasting room in the Lincoln School Project which would have included a pizza oven and around 20 tap handles, plus bottle purchase in a pretty cool location.Alas, it was not to be.The project is still wonderful, but has deviated a bit from the original conception,and we decided that it's just not our home.  Now, that being said, it is home to some really cool people, and we hope that you will support Shawn (with Building 3 coffee roasting) and David (the baker) along with all the other rock and rollers that are going to be open in the building with your dollars when you're in the area.Local Relic is planning a different direction, and we are still planning to open a tasting room.  We are currently working on some site locations, dollars (of course), and a re-work of our concept to better fit who we are and what we do."

In other Local Relic news, because of their increased brewing capacity, they've released more memberships, so if you missed out on the first few rounds, you have a chance to join. Based on the popularity of their initial offering, these memberships will sell out fast, and there's no telling when Local Relic will offer them again.

So what's next for Lincoln School?

Rumors are swirling that another, yet-to-be-named brewery is looking and possibly has already secured space in Lincoln School, but we haven't confirmed who it is.We've heard members of Colorado Mountain Brewery were seen touring the school, but we can't confirm they are the ones going in. We've got our feelers out there, and we'll update you as soon as we know anything! If you're reading this and you're the one opening a brewery in Lincoln School, give us a shout...we'd love to find out more about the project!