Brew Love: Pikes Peak Brewing Incline


It's that time a year again. Incline time. No, it's not time to head up that vertical scar on the side of Pikes Peak along with 300 of your closest friends. It's time for Pikes Peak Brewing to release Incline Imperial IPA. That day is here.I lied. The release of Incline isn't until April 13. That's a week away, but you'll survive. We've heard that at least to start, Pikes Peak's tap room will have it on tap as well as The Wild Goose. And, just like last year, Pikes Peak canned Incline. Now you can suffer up those stairs and drink the namesake at the top.So how is Incline this year? In a time where hazy, orange juice-looking Northeastern IPAs are garnering all the attention, Pikes Peak's Imperial IPA smacks you in the face with piney Columbus hops and finishes with a barrage of citrus-packed Centennial and Mosaic hops. Luckily, the malt bill balances the huge hop additions. Even the cans tell us there's three pounds of hops per barrel. Although the human tongue can only perceive around 100 IBUs, Incline touts a calculated 185 IBUs. You don't have to worry about it not being hoppy—it still is.One change for this year: smaller cans.In previous years, Pikes Peak has canned Incline in 16oz cans and then sold them in 4-packs, but this year, look for the teal cans in a 12oz/6-pack variety. Personally, I like the change. I can now finish an entire Incline in one session. Plus, at 10.5% ABV, you don't have to get a designated driver after one can.We hope you're as excited for Incline as we are, it's an incredible brew. To be totally cheesy, you could say it's Brew Love.