Red Leg Brewing's New Artillery


DSC_0047-2Red Leg Brewing Company, a veteran-owned brewery here in Colorado Springs, has been taking the local scene by storm since its opening on July 4th of last year. Offering classic styles expertly crafted has been their aim from day one. It's among our top tasting rooms in the Pikes Peak Region to visit. There's not many places where you feel right at home from the moment you walk in the door, but Red Leg Brewing has accomplished just that. Ever since we got a privileged look at their facility last April we've loved everything these guys do.Colorado Springs is through and through a military town, with four military bases in the area, and Todd Baldwin, an Army veteran himself, has created a place that honors the men and women who serve our country bravely every day. Recently, Red Leg Brewing just began pouring at The Club, the premier spot at PAFB, and has seen a With the increase in demand, their original 1bbl Ruby Street brew stand just wasn't going to cut it. In recent months, they've even borrowed equipment from Smiling Toad in order to help fill their demand, but in the long run, a bigger system was needed.On Friday, Todd Baldwin and everyone at Red Leg Brewing invited everyone back into the back of the brewhouse, where previously the space had dwarfed their old system. What lay before us was a shiny new 10bbl brewhouse complete with 20bbl fermenters. Todd Baldwin, President and Founder, showed us their old plastic fermenters; a miniature version of the gentle giants that towered above the crowd. With 20x the fermenter space, this expansion is going to greatly expand their production.  Each new fermentation vessel is fully wired and jacketed so the brewers can easily track and control every step of the process. They're just putting the finishing touches on the brewhouse and their upstairs grain room, and things are looking quite amazing. This is a big step for any brewery, and we wish Todd and the guys all the best!Here's some pictures from the first official tour of Red Leg Brewing's new brewhouseDSC_0086DSC_0073DSC_0066DSC_0061DSC_0055DSC_0050 Go check out Red Leg Brewing and their new system when you get a chance![flexiblemap address="4630 Forge Road, Suite B, Colorado Springs, CO" title="Red Leg Brewing Company"]