Green Man Tap Room Gets Up and Running



A Humble Shell

Green Man Tap Room and Beer Garden boasts 44 craft beer taps in downtown Colorado Springs, housed in what formerly was the Carter Payne church.  It's been a month since the "VIP Soft Opening" of Green Man, and we've been holding off doing a review, hoping that imperfections any new business encounters were just temporary, and that with a month's worth of work, things would be ironed out. We were happy to see all the beer taps hooked up, and while the place wasn't packed, there were many happy customers bellied up to the bar. One thing we have heard from multiple people is they have trouble spotting it even though they know it's inside an old church. They've got a great sandwich-board sign out on the sidewalk, and hopefully the addition of their beer garden this summer will help people gravitate towards it much more easily.DSC_0040

From Church to Craft Bar

With three previous visits under our belt, we knew what to expect based on the early stages of the buildout, and while we definitely expected more progress, it was awesome to see all 44 taps are all online, flowing with almost every beer imaginable. While some of the unfinished aspects of the bar are still being smoothed out, even more noticeable is their dedication to providing a great selection of beer. As Green Man's tap list stands right now, some of the best local offerings of beer flow under their huge vaulted ceiling, with close to seven locally brewed beers on tap at all times.

Their tap list is pretty much insane (in a good way) and they've tried to lay things out to suit consumers. The "Hoppy" category still reigns supreme, but the "Dark" category is creeping up in a close second. We hope that in the future, they list their beer categorized based on style, not only perceived taste, but that's just our two pennies.

If you're looking for an easy place to try some of Colorado Springs' newest breweries, Lofty Brewing or Nano 108, Green Man is a great place to start!


Pay Less Per Pint

Overall, the prices are some of the best for craft beer in Colorado Springs, and with their Imperial Pint sized pours, Green Man is sure to become a hotspot when the weather heats up! The promise that a space such as Green Man has, with the south end of downtown Colorado Springs booming as of late due to Ivywild and South Tejon, is evident.  With Fieldhouse Brewing and McCabe's only a stones throw away, the south end definitely is beginning to have some heavy hitters in our craft beer scene.

DSC_0041We love what Green Man is bringing to Colorado Springs, as they are poised to become the "Falling Rock" of our area. Even so, just having the most beers on tap doesn't automatically make you the best taproom in our town. We're super excited to see how they work out the kinks, with plans going forward on their massive European-styled beer garden.

The Future and Beyond

Colorado Springs is quickly becoming a premier craft beer town, and with spectacular openings and revamps happening all over the region such as Manitou Brewing and 503W, new players have put their best foot forward. We're excited to see what Scott and everyone at Green Man can bring to the area from here on out.As with all new things, time will smooth out all the details. We plan on returning to Green Man time and again, especially when their beer garden opens later this summer. They still have a lot of work to do to make the Green Man Tap Room a finished product, but definitely go and check out Green Man when you're looking for a new spot. They're just one more cog in Colorado Springs' craft beer engine, and we can't wait for what lies ahead.[flexiblemap address="320 S Weber St, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903" title="Green Man Tap Room"]