Collaboration Fest: A Rundown


It seems like festival season starts earlier and earlier each and every year.

This year, to kick off Colorado Beer Week, Denver's Imbibe will be hosting Collaboration Fest at The Curtis Hotel this Saturday. Recently, they released notes about some of the collaborative efforts that are going to be poured, and we thought we'd share that with you! If you're still on the fence about going this weekend, hopefully reading about all these tasty brews will help you decide! 

Black Fox and TRVE

Black Fox and TRVE have created a Rustic Saison with pilsner malt along with oats, wheat and rye. This beer will be snappy and light with a spicy bitterness from five pounds of Saaz hops. It is being fermented with classic Saison yeast and aged in California white wine barrels with Brettanomyces.

Denver Beer Co. and Upslope

Denver Beer Co. and Upslope brewed an extremely hoppy wheat beer. The hops used in this brew were Summit, Cascade and Galaxy. The Forum Stories were there to document the day. This video captures the spirit and teamwork that is engrained in craft beer. Led by Steve Kurowski of the Colorado Brewers Guild, brewers from both breweries fielded questions on what they love about the their industry, the beer they brewed, and the excitement around Collaboration Fest.
Check out the video:

Unite Pale Ale - International Women’s Day Collaboration (Pikes Peak Brewing Company, Red Leg, Trinity, Great Storm, Fieldhouse, Paradox, Bristol, Phantom Canyon)

Beer Name: Unite Pale Ale
This beer was part of a world-wide collaboration project lead by Project Venus. It was brewed on March 8, which was International Women’s Day. More than 30 breweries from around the world participated. Each collaboration was made the same recipe, but brew group put their own personality into it.. This beer will be a pale session beer with late Cascade hops.
See the brew day here.

Southern Colorado Collaboration: Pikes Peak, Bristol and Phantom Canyon

Beer Name: Jimmy Camp
It is based on a WeiPi (or a WeissBierPils) highlighting some non-traditional and fruity hops and a little darker than a tradition WeiPi.  This was truly a collaboration beer as we decided on the style together (as none of use were producing this style of beer) and then tweaked the recipe together. Pikes Peak, Phantom Canyon and Bristol got together to highlight the good things Southern Colorado Brewers are doing. They are the 3 largest brewers in Colorado Springs. Some day they would like to add more brewers to a collaboration brew, but since this is the first ever Southern Colorado Collaboration, they wanted to start small and simple.  The exciting ingredients used in this beer are Herkules, El Dorado, Mosaic, and Mandarina Bavaria hops, Crystal Wheat malt, and Klosterbrauerei Ettal yeast.
See the brew day here.

Telluride Brewing and Marble Brewing

Beer Name: Fish and Ted’s Excellent Collaboration
Telluride and Marble created a Belgian Rye IPA. The grain bill is composed of German Pilsner and two different German Rye malts with Mosaic and Citra hops. Both is the boil and dry-hopped. The wort was pitched with Trappist yeast. Half of the batch will be inoculated with Brettanomyces to create a tart and funky version of the beer.

Wynkoop Brewing Company and Wonderland Brewing

Beer Name: Berliner Hasslehoff
Wynkoop and Wonderland decided in get a little magic to their Berliner Weiss by adding hops to the mash. They used German grown wheat and barley. Germain Saphir hops were first added to the mash and again during the boil.

A Lady Collaboration (Boostrap Brewing, Bottles and Barrels, Big, Choice, Caution Brewing, Epic Brewing, Former Future Brewing, Horse and Dragon Brewing, Pikes Peak Brewing, Renegade Brewing, Ska Brewing, Strange Craft and Wynkoop)

Beer Name: The Big C
Style: Belgian IPA
ABV: 6%

Big Choice and Caution

Beer Name: Ain’t Yo Mama’s Breakfast Porter served on nitro
ABV: 10.7%
Big Choice and Caution added 50 pounds of real maple syrup to this robust porter to give it a sweet finish. The nitro gives it a creamy taste of a pancake breakfast that has a kick at the finish you won’t forget.

Dry Dock and Steamworks

Beer Name: The Buddy
The Buddy is a black wit beer. The style uses a Belgian yeast with biscuit and dark malts and should have an ABV of 6%. The brewing trust also added liquorice root, sweet cherry puree and Belgian candy sugar to the beer. Some fresh snow from Wolf Creek pass was ceremoniously added to the brew kettle during the brewing to make this a truly Colorado beer.
And there will be more! If this list didn't sway you, head over to Imbibe's event page for even more info!
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We hope to see you all there!