Bringing the Springs Together


IMG_0663On Wednesday, beer lovers were treated to a preview of Colorado Springs Craft Week which launches next month. Brewer's Republic filled every tap with local beer, and even had a special firkin from Paradox. It was definitely a busy night where the crowd stood shoulder to shoulder, and brewers from all over the Pikes Peak region showed off their craft!  It didn't hurt that the local group CSTweetup had a get together that night at Brewer's, which just added to the crowd and made it a truly awesome event.Among all the brewers and brewery staff that were there, we ran into Keith from Nano 108, Travis from Fieldhouse, Josh from Fossil, Chris from Pikes Peak, Mike and Alan from Phantom, Tom and Gordon from Trinity, Chris from Bristol, Jeff and Scarbs from Paradox and Todd from Red Leg in the short time we were there. Some of our favorites were the Women's Collaboration Brew Unite Pale Ale(which our local ladies added a bit of rye to spice things up), both Paradox and Pikes Peak's tequila-barreled beers, and Smiling Toad's Russian Imperial Stout. There were way too many to try them all, so if you found one that you liked, let us know. Also, in the true spirit of Colorado Springs Craft Week, Umpire Estate Mountain Roasters were on hand passing out samples of their locally roasted coffee!If you don't know about Colorado Springs Craft Week, let us bring you up to speed! Colorado Springs has long since lacked a celebration for the many crafts that are produced here: craft beer, craft coffee, etc. As the brainchild of Aly Hartwig, founder of the wildly popular Brewers Broads and assistant brewer at Pikes Peak Brewing, Colorado Springs Craft Week encompasses businesses from Larkspur to Pueblo, focusing on bringing businesses together to create a better product, and showing that product off to our consumers.Untitled-1Aly's guest post for the Colorado Springs Convention & Visitors Bureau sheds some light on the scope of the project:

The last week in April breweries, distilleries, coffee roasters, and other local businesses in the Pikes Peak region will come together in celebration of higher quality, locally crafted products. These local crafters will be showcased through a variety of events happening throughout Colorado Springs for Colorado Springs Craft Week (CSCW).CSCW will take place from April 25th-May 4th 2014 at various locations and include beer dinners, tours, barista competitions, cocktail pairings, roasting demonstrations, Big Brew Day, a tasting festival, and much more. There will be over 30 craft businesses participating in over 20 events in 10 days to give the public a taste of Colorado Springs.

If you haven't already, get connected with the crafters on either their Twitter or Facebook.If you somehow didn't get a chance to visit during the takeover, make sure to stop by The Wild Goose Meeting House tonight for the Unite Pale Ale tapping! More info is here.Here's some photos from the event!IMG_0661 IMG_0674 IMG_0664 IMG_0665 IMG_0668 IMG_0669 IMG_0659 IMG_0675