Prepping for Pumpkin Ale *Updated*

***Release Party UPDATE below***

As the leaves start to turn from their bright greens to yellow, oranges and reds, orange is the color on most craft beer fan's minds. When autumn returns, pumpkins become ever present in brewing seasonal offerings. Today, I helped pick the pumpkins at Venetucci Farm on a wonderful fall morning to get pumpkins ready for their Venetucci Pumpkin Ale.
Venetucci Farm's new barn looks over the pumpkin patch

One of my favorites, which locally has built a large cult following, Venetucci Pumpkin Ale, from Bristol Brewing is on its way! We filled a truckload of pumpkins off the vine and began the arduous task of cutting and gutting each pumpkin then roasting them over a charcoal fire to help bring out as much of the starchy, sweet goodness that will add a wonderful pumpkin flavor to the final beer. Murmurs of Jamaican Allspice and Madagascar Cinnamon sticks kept getting brought up as we scraped and cut and grilled hundreds of delicious pumpkins. Here's some images from the morning:

Finishing up filling the truck with the Bristol Crew
First Step: wash the pumpkins off

Next: Cutting and Gutting

Lots of pumpkins!

Even Mike and Amanda Bristol got their hands dirty!

I wish you could smell this

The Bristol crew is brewing this within the next few days, so it should be released in the coming weeks!

Pre-Sale Update!
Sun. October 6 @ 10am, Ivywild School Hallway(Bristol Side)
3 Bottle Limit (ID required)

Release Party October 16!

Venetucci Pumpkin Ale Release / 5pm

The Bristol Pub / 1604 S. Cascade
A limited number of bottles will be available for purchase at $6.99 plus tax per bottle (bottles may not be consumed in the tasting room).
--There is a 2-bottle limit per person.
--Pints will be available for $6.00 each.
--Growler fills will not be available again this year so that the line will move faster and so there will be more beer to go around.
--If the brewery sells out before you get some, don’t forget to try the liquor store. They’ll have some, too!

Keep an eye out on Bristol's Facebook and Website to stay updated on Venetucci Pumpkin Ale!

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