Brewer's Republic celebrates third anniversary party!

Remember when Brewer's Republic opened up in the mornings as a coffee bar? Remember when they sent customers to tour hop farms and the Oskar Blues brewery?

We dig that little bar in downtown Colorado Springs. Brewer's Republic is the place where the majority of the Focus on the Beer crew got to know each other. We met on one fateful night, drank a few pints while chatting, and began hanging out quite regularly. Since then we've made friends with so many other people in Colorado Springs and Brewer's Republic has been one of the main places where those friendships grow. It's also the place where a large number of those friendships started. We've had the pleasure of working with BR on a number of our events, we've seen them change ownership, we've attended lovely beer dinners, and we're currently seeing visible progression of an expanded beer selection. We're happy to have Brewer's Republic around, it's one of the best places for grabbing a good craft beer in Colorado Springs. We're looking forward to celebrating their third anniversary this weekend.

Aug. 30-31 are the special nights. They'll kick off the party with an awesome looking five-course Paradox beer dinner. For $40 you'll get food paired with the Brett Saison, Trippel Double IPA, Dunk Your Face Belgian Dark, Black Currant Sour, and the Spirit of Skully Barleywine. You need to go into the bar for tickets, or call in advance. The beer selection sounds pretty awesome. Another weekend highlight is the cRYmE and PUNishment Rye IPA that BR employees brewed at Odell on their 5 barrel pilot system specifically for their anniversary. You'll get $5 pints of that till it runs out. There will also be music both nights.

We'd like to say thank you to Brewer's Republic for the great beer and the great times. We thank previous owners and current owners. Your bar has been a landmark for us! Happy anniversary!

Brewer's Republic is located at 112 N. Nevada in Colorado Springs. Their number is 719.633.2105.
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BeerEric Steen