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Brewers Broads Event: The Role of Water in Beer

BeerEric Steen

The new women's beer group Brewers Broads, seems to be picking up a lot of traction quickly. Their event last month sold out quickly and the newest one might be one of the more fascinating events in their four part series. We learned that each month they will have an educational presentation about one of the four ingredients in beer (yeast, water, malt, hops). Last month's Yeast presentation was led by Ken Andrews of Bristol Brewing. This month, Chris Wright the owner and brewer of Pikes Peak Brewing will lead a talk on the importance and effects of water in brewing. Believe it or not water can make a huge difference in the taste and outcome in a beer, and from what I've heard Chris Wright is pretty intense about his water!

There are two events, both will have the same presentation and beers. One will take place at Brewer's Republic and one will take place at Pikes Peak Brewing. I believe these events are first and foremost for women, however, women can bring a male guest if they also pay. Here's the details on tickets and timing:

Monday April 22nd / 6-8pm
At Brewer's Republic / 112 N. Nevada, Colorado Springs
Tickets available at Brewer's Republic and at Coaltrain Wine & Liquor

Wednesday April 24th / 6-8pmĀ 
At Pikes Peak Brewing / 1756 Lake Woodmoor Dr., Monument
Tickets available at Pikes Peak Brewing and at Coaltrain Wine & Liquor

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