A Beer Worth Buying: Odell Brewing's Tree Shaker Imperial Peach IPA

I was really happy to see Odell's latest 750ml bottle offering at the liquor store last week. It was warmer out, spring had sprung, unlike the last 24 hours, which have proved to some of the snowiest times of the entire year so far in Colorado Springs. The citrusy and peachy promises of this IPA were calling out to me. Fortunately, the beer is also 9.7%, which is certainly enough alcohol to give you that warm feeling on a cold night. So, while mother-nature tries to fight off winter, Odell has released a beer that feels good whether it's freezing out or whether it's more of a t-shirts-for-an-hour type of day.

The beer is super fun. The aromas are very citrusy, with hints of mango, pineapple, and other tropical fruits. It tastes really big, with a sugary sweetness, not necessarily a malt complexity, but it's not cloying either. There are huge citrus flavors in this beer, loads of pineapple, almost like a fruit juice. My favorite part is the search for the Peach flavor, which sneaks up out of the background, rounds out and then fades away very quietly. It's quite nice. There's some bitterness present, considering it's an Imperial IPA, but it really takes a back seat to the more complex fruit flavors. This beer is all about the hop flavor and aroma that compliment and even mimic the subtler peach. 

Do yourself a favor and pick this one up.

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BeerEric Steen