This year's Smokebrush Porter label artwork

Every year we like to feature the new artwork from the Bristol Smokebrush Porter label and give some props to the artist. The beer is part of Bristol's Community Ales program, where 100% of the profits are donated to a local charity. This beer will benefit the Smokebrush Foundation, which will then channel the funds directly to the Uncle Wilbur Fountain in downtown Colorado Springs. The Fountain is a wonderful addition to our city, a great spot for kids to play around in the summer, and an eclectic piece of functional art. As an art teacher, I dig it.

The artist for this year's bottle is Nicholas Baranek, an artist and designer who has lived in Colorado Springs for 15 years and is currently Marmalade's resident designer. The work features some of the characters you'll see at the fountain.

The beer will be released this Thursday at 5pm at Bristol Brewing. Bristol is located at 1647 S. Tejon St., Colorado Springs.

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BeerEric Steen