The lengths a Beer Snob will go for the perfect pour

I've never thought of myself as a beer snob, just a beer geek. Isaac made this for me today though, posted it on my facebook wall, and now I'm second guessing myself and my actions.

Last night I went to Brewer's Republic because they have their new "tourist tap" and they tapped North Coast's Barrel Aged Rasputin. This is one of my favorite beers, it's rich, smooth, and beautiful. The problem is Brewer's Republic only serves beer in shaker pint glasses and 10oz pilsner glasses. For a huge Russian Imperial Stout with whiskey notes, a pilsner glass just isn't appropriate. A pint glass is even worse. I wanted a tulip glass where I could stick my nose in and get big whiffs of the aroma. I really like this beer! So, I brought my own glass, everyone made fun of me but I guarantee my beer was better tasting/smelling than theirs was. I'm friends with everyone there, I frequent the bar, it was all fun and games. I did it because it was funny, I thought, but perhaps now I just look like an ass.

Cheers Isaac! ;)

[UPDATE - I'd like to clarify a few things. I'd like to just mention that I don't mind drinking out of shaker pints, I do it all the time and I'm happy to do it. I drink beer straight out of the bottle and out of the can too, whether it's Oskar Blues Ten Fidy, Deschutes Mirror Pond, or Coors Light. I don't think beer HAS to be served in special glassware, I just wanted this one particular beer in nice glassware and I also thought it would be funny to do. It was funny. Cheers!]

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BeerEric Steen