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A look at Lone Tree Brewing's new bottled beers

BeerEric Steen

Over the weekend we headed to Breckenridge and got some good time on the mountain before all the powder disappeared. We brought along Lone Tree Brewing's brand new bottled beers, Outta Range Pale Ale and the Acres O'Green Irish Red Ale. They've just started bottling now that they have a couple new fermenters the brewery. Both beers proved to have an extraordinary drinkability and are certainly worth mentioning here. Also worth mentioning is the beautiful artwork, by Jeff Bowles. I learned the aircraft on the Outta Range bottle has references to co-founder John Winter's flying career, with a Northern Exposure type of twist. Both label designs are a real visual treat.

The Outta Range Pale is a true light bodied pale ale with a good hop aroma. I really enjoyed the biscuit and bready malt overtones that were balanced nicely with some lemony citrus hops, some pine notes, and a mild bitterness. The beer was simple but very enjoyable in that simplicity, and at $5.99 a bottle, it's a really nice deal. Similarly the Acres O' Green Irish Red Ale is also incredibly easy-drinking. The aroma is of sweet malts, toffee with some nuttiness. The flavor is similar but has a tang to it that I often call a 'copper metal flavor' but not in a bad way. The beer is really smooth, really balanced but certainly malt forward. Some nice spice hops are sitting in there as well. If I remember correctly, when I first visited the brewery the Red Ale was just a seasonal but was met with so much demand that Lone Tree was practically forced to bring it back as a regular beer. I personally preferred the Pale Ale as it's a really great representation of one of my favorite styles.

Both of these beers were perfect for mellowing out after a long day on the mountain. They made for an easy transition from adventure to dinner. In the kitchen I worked on my deep dish cornmeal crust pizza while sipping away, any heavier beer would have created too much of a buzz for what I was trying to cook. I must admit I'm really happy to see both these beers in town and hope that they sell really well. Lone Tree Brewing is quietly nailing their beers up north and we all should pay a bit more attention to what they are doing.

If I can use this post to make a request - Lone Tree please also bottle your Double IPA! That's one of my favorite IPAs in the state!

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