Anniversary Weekend Photo Recap: Party at Trinity and Breakfast at FRBBQ

Our Anniversary Weekend was a weekend that really goes down in the history books. We presented a rare beer tapping at Trinity and the following day a six course beer and bacon breakfast at Front Range BBQ. These will be some very memorable moments to be certain. Luckily we've got them permanently captured here in case our memories of the Bacon-drop biscuits with pork belly and bacon hollandaise sauce begin to fade. We didn't have the photos ready in time for our 2012 Photo Recap but they deserve their own post anyway.

A big Thank You to all who came out and celebrated with us and a Thank You to all our readers who couldn't make it. Also, a huge thank you to the brewers who participated in the festivities. Cheers!

Anniversary Party at Trinity

If you've been to one of our Anniversary parties you know that one of my favorite things to do is stand on the bar and give away free stuff. Here I'm giving away a case of beer from Wynkoop...and doing a little back talking to the crowd.

We were able to serve about fifteen or so beers that are normally not available in Colorado Springs, and quite frankly, are hard to come by anyway. We were also able to serve bottles of beer as well. All the beers were fantastic and everyone had a different favorite.

There were too many great beers to choose a favorite but I must admit that I was thoroughly happy to have a keg of Sage Fight IPA from Deschutes. They made the beer for Beers Made By Walking in Oregon in the Autumn and went through some big hoops to get the beer to me in Colorado. There were four BMBW beers total from Deschutes, New Belgium (the beer we helped brew!), Strange, and Trinity! Also, we brought in a great beer from Backcountry Brewing in Frisco as we hope to work with them more in the future. They are a brewery to pay attention to. Really, all the beers were special and fantastic

A great time with friends
Patiently waiting for me to call her raffle number.

Beer Bacon Breakfast

The next morning was the Beer Bacon Breakfast at Front Range BBQ. This was a breakfast that we had been dreaming up for nearly six months. It all started with some conversation about my favorite donut, the bacon-maple donut at Voodoo in Portland. Talk between Brian at FRBBQ and I quickly spiraled downwards to text messages about bacon ideas and photos of bacon nativity scenes, Jack Nicholas memes and more. We were hooked, completely addicted to the idea.

Front Range BBQ chef Jesse Galvan took over and created a ridiculously over-the-top and extremely delicious menu. The beer pairings were all dead-on as well. The morning started with a choice of Bacon Beermosa made with a vintage Bristol Barleywine and a Bacon Bloody Mary made with Twisted Pine's Billie's Chillies Ale. You would think it couldn't get a whole lot better but, my goodness, it most certainly did...And I got a three and a half hour bacon-induced coma afterward to prove it. I'll let you read the menu and I'll leave the photos to do most of the work here.

This was my favorite dish - the Bacon drop biscuit with Pork Belly which was smothered with bacon hollandaise sauce. This dish was perfect and I have thought about it almost every morning since then. It was paired with Elevation's Prostrator Dopplebock, which was an amazing beer, and may be the best combination of food and beer I've ever had.

We made everyone sign a contract by dipping their finger in bacon grease and stamping the contract. Some people thought it was awesome, perhaps we grossed out a few others? Ha. The waiver read, "With this thumbprint of bacon grease I release Front Range BBQ from any consequences of my actions, be it clogged arteries, heart attack, gluttony, or any other terrible thing on this Sunday morning, December the Ninth, Two-Thousand and Twelve."

Yes, we did have bacon smores. The bacon was dipped in chocolate and ginger and the whole thing was sitting in a bowl with ice cream made from Oskar Blues Whiskey Aged Ten Fidy. I ate a couple of those.

Here I am with Jesse and Brian presenting the food and the beer. We all have some smirky expressions due to the fact that this is the most amazing breakfast anyone has ever eaten and we all know it.

We hope to see more breakfasts like this, I have a feeling Front Range BBQ is going to run with it.

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