Cellarmanship - Interview with New Belgium's Salazar Team


Cellarmanship - Interview with New Belgium's Eric Salazar and Lauren Salazar from Focus on the Beer.


We recently started a series of posts that we call Cellarmanship where we talk about the how-to, the joys, and details of cellaring your beer at home. We've also decided to ask some of the experts in the beer industry about their own home cellars and their opinions on aging bottles. This is the first in the series of interviews and we think you'll really enjoy it. Scott talks with Eric and Lauren Salazar of New Belgium. Eric is the brewer for their wood aged beer program and Lauren is the wood aged program manager and blender and they have a number of really interesting, educational, and surprising things to say on the topic. They talk about corked beers compared to capped beers, the blending of La Folie, and personal thoughts on at-home cellars. Please enjoy the video above and tell us what you think, what's in your cellar, what do you to keep your beers properly stored away, are there any that you're afraid to open, what are some of your worst experiences with cellared beer?***UPDATE - Be sure to check out our interviews with Crooked Stave and Avery as well!

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