The 1st beer I try at GABF will be from Wynkoop

Perhaps you've heard of Oyster Stouts before? They're a rare but historical style and I've had a couple. Well, you'll want to check out the latest spin on stouts from our friend's up north. On April 1st this year Wynkoop released some press about a "Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout." I've learned the hard way to basically stay off the internet on April 1st so I knew this was a joke. They released a ridiculous video (see below!!!), made a logo for the beer and everything and it was super funny. So, because I'm working with them on the Denver Beers Made By Walking the Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout came up again and I learned that they had just actually truly made the beer. The idea was just too good to ignore! No joke, it's 100% serious (well perhaps it's not serious, but it's legit), they made a beer with bull balls in it. Here's some facts for ya:

"A special ultra-limited-release beer, it weighs in at 7% ABV and 3 BPB (That’s balls per barrel). In addition to our brewpub, the beer will be served at our table at the Great American Beer Festival next week."

Believe it or not I'm looking forward to trying this beer and I'm going to make it the first one I try at GABF. What do you think? Well, first, before you tell me what you think, watch this video...
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BeerEric Steen