Beers Made By Walking will serve three beers this weekend during Wynkoop's big party!

This Saturday, we have been invited to serve up three of our Beers Made By Walking beers from this summer at Wynkoop during their annual Beers of the Year event! What a real honor! The event runs from 1-4pm on Nov. 3. All the information is below, including info on the three BMBW beers: 

Attendees can sample every beer Wynkoop brewed this year and special cask, reserve and vintage Wynkoop beers. Along with beers from fave peers (Breckenridge Brewery, Fort Collins Brewery, Mountain Sun Breweries & Pubs, and Beers Made By Walking) and a selection of gourmet cheeses to accompany the array of 50 beers.  

We will be serving three beers from our Beers Made by Walking stash! This will include Ska's Cerveza de las Animas Perdidas (chokecherry, juniper, and yarrow Saison), Strange's Eldorado Bel-Gin Dark (Belgian dark with juniper and pineapple weed), and a beer we saved just for this event...the never before seen Wynkoop Green Cross (American Pale Ale with dank hops, hemp seeds, and magic).

Wynkoop will be releasing a pair of out-there new beers at this year's Beers of the Year. Belgian Pear Cider (8.2% ABV) is built from a trippel recipe and fermented with Colorado pear juice. The Chancellor is a single malt/single hop super-strong ale (14% ABV) made from a 1930 Oxford University recipe provided by UK beer historian Terry Foster. It has been barrel aging for 16 months.

Beer nuts can buy advance $25 Beers of the Year tickets and see the current beer list at Tix are $32 at the door the day of the show. Advance ticket buyers are entered into a drawing for a pair of tickets to Wynkoop's Dec. 1 Parade of Darks.

Here is the list of beers:
Beers of the Year 2012  Beer List

Wynkoop Brewing Company
1 Barley Wine 2009
2 Barley Wine 2010
3 Barley Wine 2011
4 Mile HI.P.A
5 Belgorado 2012
6 Belgorado 2011
7 The Catalyst          
8 Obamanator
9 Hop to Conclusions Double IPA 
10 Frambozen Barrel-Aged Quadruppel
11 The Chancellor
12 Brewjolais Nouveau 2011
13 Hopfen Weiss     
14 Beerdrinker of the Year Imperial Stout 2011
15 Koop Deville
16 Orville
17 Hibiscus Hard Cider
18 Collective Hoppiness
19 Belgian Pear Cider
20 Metacool Malt-U-Wanna
21 B3K Black Lager
22 Colorojo               
23 Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout
24 Drunkin’ Pumpkin Ale
25 Wixa Weiss
26 Two Guns Pilsner
27 Organic Light Rail Lager
28 Orchard Wheat
29 St. Charles ESB
30 London Calling IPA
31 Patty’s Chile Beer
32 Rail Yard Ale
33 Cowtown Milk Stout
34 Coconut Milk Stout (Firkin)

Beers Made by Walking
1 Cerveza de las Animas -- Ska Brewing
2 Green Cross Hemp & Hops Ale -- Wynkoop Brewing
3 Eldorado Juniper Belgian Dark – Strange Brewing

Breckenridge Brewery
1 Whiskey Barrel Aged Oatmeal Stout
2 Whiskey Barrel Aged Vanilla Porter
3 2010 Christmas Ale
4 Summer Cab Ride

Fort Collins Brewing
1 Bambostic Smoke Beer
2 Imperial Fresh Hop IPA.

Mountain Sun Pubs & Breweries
Champagne Lady Belgian Strong Ale
2 Vagabond American IPA

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