Upslope Pumpkin Ale Tasting Notes

UPDATE *** Just heard this beer was delivered to Coaltrain and Weber St. Liquor today in limited quantities. No guarantee that more will come into town but hopefully...***

This post was written by Scott Simmons. The Upslope Pumpkin Ale was purchased up in Ft. Collins and should be hitting Colorado Springs shelves very soon, although the beer is limited.

Upslope Pumpkin Ale Tasting Notes:
Poured from a 16oz tallboy beautifully copper colored can. The beer has light carbonation allowing you to pour down the middle of the glass to give a nice 1/2" off whitish tan head. The foam is dense with the majority disappearing quickly leaving a light coating.

The beer pours deep red almost maroon and nearly totally clear. It took me a while to take my first sip because I just kept moving the glass into different light to see the different colors. They range from a blood orange to a deep dark ruby brown. What a beautiful beer.

In the beginning of the aroma you automatically recognize this as a pumpkin/fall/spiced beer. The next prominent thing is a little warmth on the back end. The spices carry through the beer, not at all overpowering but collaborating together for a gentle spiciness and a warmth. As the beer warms the aroma seems to sweeten up a bit highlighting a different blend of spices.

After staring and sniffing at this beer for way too long I take a sip. The first thing I notice is how the aroma transfers into the flavor. They almost blend together giving up quite the sensory experience. There is a smoothness to the body which hides the 7.7% abv well. There is a bitterness on the end that might be from hopping or the spices but it's pleasant either way. The bitterness fades like a smooth pale ale which I prefer.

Overall this is an amazing beer. I'm sure I don't need to tell Upslope that since they won a 2011 GABF gold medal for it. Sadly I picked this beer up in Ft. Collins as I have not seen it here in the Springs and it disappeared from the Denver market immediately. If you happen across this beer buy it all!

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