Painting Bristol at Splash!

Have you ever been to Splash in downtown Colorado Springs? It's a place where you can learn to paint and get your drink on. Art & Drinking, a combination made in heaven. Well, we just found out that on Wednesday, September 19th, Splash is going to have a Bristol night. You get to paint some Bristol logos, you get to use their paint and their canvases, and you'll get a couple beers as well. Seating is limited and you need to RSVP, reservations are required, so give them a call. The price is $40, which is a good deal for paint, canvas, a couple beers, and a great time. This event sounds like a really fun event, a great way to enjoy beer, a perfect way to meet some people, and an enjoyable date night too.

If you paint a Bristol logo that you're proud of, take a picture and we'll gladly put it up on the blog here!

Splash - Bristol Night
Wed. September 19th / 6:30pm  
$40 / RSVP by calling 719.302.1100 or visit Splash's calendar.

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BeerEric Steen