Recap of the Crabtree Meet the Brewer

Last week we brought Crabtree Brewing to town, packed out Front Range BBQ and had a great time sipping some of their fantastic brews! Thanks to everyone who came out. If you're unfamiliar with our Meet the Brewer program, we've been holding them about once a month for nearly a year now. The brewer gives a talk about the beer and his background in the industry, says hi to everyone, and of course always brings down a few special beers that aren't normally available.

Last week we had Andrew Sheffield, who works in the barrel program, and Rob O'Conner who is one of the Crabtree reps. Andrew told us about his wine background and how he really fit in quite nicely at Crabtree working on their aged and mixed batches. We learned about each of the beers and the history of the brewery. They brought the super-limited Menage a Trois, a real beauty of a beer that was a blend of a barrel aged braggot and beers that had been aged in whiskey and merlot barrels with homegrown plums. The beer was extraordinarily complex and layered and was a major highlight. They also surprised us with a barrel aged brown that had been in whiskey and cabernet barrels. Of course the Berliner Weisse was a crowd pleaser, and they had a solid line up of mainline beers as well.

Needless to say it was an awesome night! If you haven't made it out to one of these you should give it a shot, it's a hell of a lot of fun. We started giving out prizes too and while we still have to work out our ticket stub situation a little better next time we gave away some cool shirts, hats, Front Range BBQ gift cards, and a special bottle of the Menage a Trois. We're looking to bring in other great breweries soon, so stay tuned.

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