Photos from the Lone Tree Meet the Brewer Night

Since we just today released information about the upcoming Meet the Brewer with Crabtree Brewing I thought I'd share a few photos from the last one with Lone Tree. Daniel snagged a few great photos that I just want to make sure everyone sees. The event ended up being a lot of fun and the beers that Lone Tree brought were awesome. They now plan to bring their beers down to COS here and there so if you see them on tap at Front Range BBQ, Brewer's Republic, Trinity, Another Pint or other places, you should seriously consider ordering a pint. You'll likely want another.

Jason Wiedmaier talking about the beer he makes
Awesome beard! That's why we featured it in the poster.

Our pal Al Temple made a couple Focus on the Beer pint and tulip glasses. We're now considering having some made for our readers. What do you think of that? This was a real treat and was unexpected, thank you so much Al, I've been enjoying using these at home!

Jealous of the beard...and the tulip glass...

It's true, I wasn't able to be at the Meet the Brewer because I was doing a Beers Made By Walking in Washington but I really wanted to be there. I didn't see the glassware that Al made for over a whole week. Don't worry folks, I'll get moving on the FotB glassware. Cheers!

One more shot of Jason making his rounds and talking with interested guests. These Meet the Brewer events have not only been a ton of fun to attend, but for me, they've been a lot of fun to organize. I hope to see you out at the next one with Crabtree Brewing, they're bringing a couple special beers that have won medals at the World Beer Cup and Great American Beer Festival. We also have a New Belgium Meet the Brewer in the works. Cheers!

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